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Why just attend Southeast Game Exchange when you can join the team? We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help out at this year's event! If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill out the application below and a member of our team will contact you.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years old by July 4, 2024.

  • Volunteering for this event will require standing for long periods of time for all roles unless specified.

  • Volunteers must be at their assigned location for the entirety of their shift.

  • Volunteer positions will be assigned based on the needs of the event. We will make an effort to place volunteers in the area(s) requested.

  • Volunteers are performing duties on behalf of Southeast Game Exchange but are not employed by SEGE. As a representative of SEGE, we ask that you are well rested, freshly showered, and nicely dressed upon arrival for your shift(s).


  • Volunteers who sign up for one 4-hour shift receive a single day pass for the day of their shift. Signing up for one Friday shift grants a one-day pass to either Saturday or Sunday.

  • Volunteers who sign up for two 4-hour shifts (same day or different days) receive a two-day pass for the weekend.

  • All volunteers will receive a voucher for a 2024 SEGE t-shirt. T-shirt will need to be worn during each shift(s). (Prior year SEGE t-shirts can also be worn during shift.)

  • Snacks and drinks will be provided.

About the Positions

  • Pre-Convention Setup

    • Friday 8AM-12PM

    • Mobility required

    • Assist with assembling VIP bags

    • Assist with moving tables/chairs

  • Pre-Convention Registration

    • Friday 12PM-4PM

    • Assist with directing vendors to booth locations

    • Assist with vendor booth changes (Adding/removing tables, chairs, etc.)

    • Manage the loading dock (direct vendors to check-in and ensure loading dock isn't blocked for long periods of time)

  • Tournament Area Set Up

    • Friday 8AM-12PM

    • Setting up TVs, consoles, and computers​

    • Some technical skills required

  • Tournament Area Tear Down

    • Sunday 4PM-8PM

    • Pack up TVs, consoles, and computers​

    • Some technical skills required

  • Post-Convention Tear Down

    • Sunday 4PM-8PM

    • Mobility required

    • Pack up SEGE equipment

    • Manage the loading dock (ensure vendors are not blocking the loading dock for long periods of time)

All of the below are needed on Saturday or Sunday

  • Line Management/Ticket Entry

    • Direct attendees where to line up​

    • Assist with line control

    • Scan presale tickets/provide badges

  • Panel Support

    • Some technical skills required​

    • Assist panelists with tech setup

    • Document panel statistics

  • Stage Support

    • ​Some technical skills required​​

    • Public speaking skills required (Emcee / manage sign ups) 

    • Assist attendees with gaming equipment for Rock Band & Just Dance

  • Security/Door Monitoring

    • Check bags for weapons

    • Check cosplay weapons and tag as props​

    • Badge Check

  • Relief/Floater

    • Provide relief for other volunteers to take breaks

Application  Form

Work Preference (Please Choose At Least Two)
Shift Availability
Have You Been to SEGE Before?
Thank you for your interest in volunteering!
Someone from our team will reach out to you soon.
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