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     Panel Room #1


12PM: MonadoMax & Friends

MonadoMax & Friends do an episode of the Player's Choice in front of an audience! Experience CRAZY gaming stories + INCREDIBLE GAMING TRIVIA WITH PRIZES!!?!! + UNEXPECTED SURPRISES?!?!
Panelists: MonadoMax, Editor Coleman, LukeTheLad & TikTok Manager Jackson

1PM: How To Wrangle Your Foam Clay

Foam clay is a slippery, tricky material to figure out how to use. This panel includes tips for all steps of the process to make working with foam clay simple and easy.

Panelist: Sarelcon

2PM: Physcial VS Digital Media: How Does Gaming Really Fit In?

In this panel, we'll take a ride through the ins and outs of physical and digital media, and why we actually need both for gaming*. We'll touch on the generational divide, DRM, media preservation, mobile gaming, positives and negatives both distribution methods have brought to-date, and ultimately what can you do about it? *With style!

Panelist: Nickology

3PM: Nintendo's Believe It Or Not!

Relive your childhood with a showcase of the bizarre and unusual Nintendo merchandise from the 80s and beyond! Featuring "Nintendo oddities" from the panel's personal collections, and giveaways throughout the show!
Panelists: Retro Gaming Pandemic & Pacmancase



4PM: MGI Employee Development Seminar

Mort and Josh, the founders of Mort's Garage Industries, will be holding a seminar to build the team here at MGI. This interactive panel will involve conflict resolution skills around topics like "Is Physical Media Overrated?" and "Which is Better: Dreamcast or PS2?" Strong opinions are welcome as we use interactive prompts to vote in real time and debate about the truly important things in life.
Panelists: Mort's Garage & Josh



5PM: The Rise Of Retro Gaming

How have franchises remained current (eg Pokemon, Zelda) and how are others being re-introduced (Slave ZeroX and pixel art generally)?
Panelist: Ian Russell, Alex Lotz, Matthew Kersey, Griffin Martin

     Panel Room #2


12PM: Howard Scott Warshaw Q&A
Come listen to stories from the early years of video game development with the creator of the Atari 2600's Yars' Revenge and ET.
Panelist: Howard Scott Warshaw


1PM: Metal Gear Cast Q&A
Colonel Campbell & Revolver Ocelot are here to answer any of your burning questions. Iconic characters from arguably the best Metal Gear Solid game are just the tip of what these two incredibly talented voice actors are known for.
Panelists: Josh Keaton & Paul Eiding

2PM: Nolan North Q&A
Legendary voice actor Nolan North has had an incredible career. You will not want to miss his accounts of voicing some of the biggest video game characters of all time.
Panelist: Nolan North



3PM: Sonic The Hedgehog Cast Q&A
The voices of Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose are here to discuss their experiences and the incredible Sonic fandom.
Panelists: Jason Griffith & Lisa Ortiz



4PM: Anime Theme Song Challenge
Do you think you know your anime opening and closing themes? Game show style with prizes!
Panelist: Mary Raque


5PM: K-Pop Dance Game

Come join us for a fun interactive game where we play our favorite K-pop songs and you dance along! See you there!
Panelists: Lena Marie & Team

     Panel Room #1


11AM: An Introduction To Collecting For The Atari 8-Bit Home Computers

An overview and basics of collecting for this less popular gaming console.
Panelist: Retrovisions

12PM: Name That Retro Game Tune

How well do these contestants know thier video game songs? Can they guess correctly with only 1 second of music? Join us for this challenging but entertaining game and see who come out on top!

Panelists: G To The Next Level & Friends

1PM: Gamer Ahmer's Collection Showcase

Experience the ultimate showcase of Gamer Ahmer’s rare and expensive gaming collectibles through a hands on experience! This interactive adventure brings her game room to you and lets you explore her collection up close. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a curious gamer, this panel offers a unique and entertaining way to dive into the world of rare gaming treasures.

Panelist: Gamer Ahmer

2PM: Boogie2988 Q&A

No stranger to contoversy, Boogie2988 loves meeting people and discussing his incredible Youtube journey.
Panelist: Boogie2988

     Panel Room #2


11AM: Console Conflict
For the second year in a row, Console Conflict happens at Southeast Game Exchange. See who takes home the title of champion for this year!
Panelist: Kevin Hicks


12PM: Resident Evil Q&A
As Chris Redfield from the remake of the original Resident Evil, Joe has all kinds of great stories. Joe is also a gamer and loves talking about the Resident Evil franchise.
Panelist: Joe Whyte

1PM: Cosplay Showcase

Check out these awesome cosplays in a showcase of the most talented!


2PM: How To Cosplay On A Budget

Saturday, July 6th

Sunday, July 7th 

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