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Saturday, July 10th 

     Panel Room #1

11AM: Women in Retro Gaming

Panelist: JLUV81, Gamer Ahmer, ZapCristal, and Lady Laci from Do You Nerd?

12PM: Nintendo Declassified

Panelist: NESComplex

1PM: Game Hacking Live

Panelist: John Riggs

2PM: How to Find a PS5 or Xbox Series X

Panelist: Jake Randall

3PM: Game Hunting Tips and Tricks

Panelists: Retro Rick, Phoenix Resale, and Mr. Wright Way

4PM: Kenny James Q & A

5PM: Gaming Off The Grid

     Panel Room #2

11AM: Physically Publishing Modern Games the Retro Way

Panelist: Jeffrey Wittenhagen

12PM: How to RGB Mod a Nintendo 64

Panelist: RoXolid Productions

1PM: Facebook Gaming

Panelist: Growing Up 8-Bit

2PM: Ed Annunziata Q & A

3PM: Guide to Building a Vintage PC Collection

Panelist: Save The Machine

4PM: Video Game Collecting

Panelist: Pacmancase, RetroWolf88, and Tom from Do You Nerd?

5PM: Mom N Pop

Panelist: Retro Universe

     Panel Room #3

11AM: Using Your Cosplay Powers for Good

Panelist: Your Friendly Neighborhood Superheroes

12PM: JRPG Trivia

Panelist: The Gaming Shelf

1PM: Intro to Armor

Panelist: Avera Cosplay

2PM: Into to Cosplay

Panelist: Upstate Cosplay

3PM: Cosplay Photography

Panelist: Upstate Cosplay

4PM: DIY Console and Controller Painting

Panelist: Russ Lyman

5PM: Shady Jay & 8-Bit Eric Q & A