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Saturday, July 9th 

     Panel Room #1


12PM: The Dangers Of Content Creation

Interested in becoming a YouTuber? Learn secrets, tips, and tricks to take your YouTube channel from beginning to 100K as well as the positive and negative impacts of social media.
Panelists: Camelot331, Jake Randall, & Celia Schilling

1PM: Boogie 2988 Q&A

Join lifelong gamer as he shares stories and answers your questions about his many years as a popular influencer that has amassed millions of followers and billions of views on his social media.

2PM: Pat the NES Punk

Pat Contri is here! The man behind “Flea Market Madness”, “The Video Game Years”, “The Completely Unnecessary Podcast”, the Ultimate guidebooks and more will be here to share his thoughts on the retro gaming scene, discuss past and upcoming projects, and take your questions! There may even be a surprise or two!

3PM: Amazing Tales From the Trenches of Bally/Midway/Williams

Paul E. Niemeyer began his art career at Bally/Midway in 1982 and has worked on pinballs, arcades, and even the hugely successful Mortal Kombat. Come listen to some awesome stories about the early days of the arcade and pinball industry.
Panelist: Paul E. Niemeyer

4PM: Intro to Cosplay

Learn how you can join in on all the fun that is cosplaying!

5PM: Cosplay Breakdown with a Meltdown

Are you ready to take on a big cosplay project, but don’t know how to get started? This panel can give you some tips on planning your next cosplay. From ways to save money on supplies to advice on how to pick your materials, we will cover how to bring a reference image to life.
Panelist: Sarelco

     Panel Room #2


12PM: MetalJesusRocks & John Riggs Q&A
Come ready to ask questions to some of your favorite retro gaming YouTubers!
Panelists: MetalJesusRocks & John Riggs

1PM: Pokémon Anime Voice Actors Panel
Hear from the talented voice actors behind Pokémon’s Ash Ketchum, Officer Jenny, and many other beloved characters and Pokémon.
Panelists: Sarah Natochenny & Martha Harms

2PM: Ultimate Gamer Kahoot Quiz
Think you know gaming? Show off that gaming knowledge and play in the Ultimate Kahoot Quiz!
Panelists: Alex CND & Master of DooM

3PM: SNES Showdown
6 of our special guests will compete in 10 SNES games picked at random. Points will be awarded to the winner of each game's silly challenge. Lowest in points gets punished! You will not want to miss all the hilarious gameplay and antics.
Panelists: RetroWolf88, Gamer Ahmer, G to the Next Level, NES Addict, Blips 'N Pips, & Pacmancase


4PM: WhatNot's Retro Video Games and $500 Giveaway
WhatNot has taken the retro game collecting hobby by storm! Come discuss the tips and tricks with experienced buyers and one of the most popular sellers on the platform. WhatNot is also giving away $500 worth of video games so you will not want to miss this!
Panelists: Cheap Finds Gold Mines & Retro Gaming Pandemic

5PM: Adventures in Game Chasing Special Screening

Join Jay and Billy of the Game Chasers for this free showing of the new Adventures in Game Chasing movie. Arrive early as seating is limited. *5PM – 7PM – Vendor Hall closes at 6PM*
Panelists: The Game Chasers

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