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Saturday, July 15th

     Panel Room #1


12PM: Mario 64 SEGE Crowd Control

Welcome to Mario 64 SEGE Crowd Control! What is Crowd Control? Well, its where you the panel viewers get to directly decide the outcome of my Mario 64 Adventure! Using your smartphone and Twitch you will directly be able to affect the game, giving/taking powerups, making he floor ice, and even just catching Mario on fire! Will I save the princess and beat Bowser? Will I get any stars? Will I even be able to enter the castle? YOU DECIDE!
Panelist: Blips 'n Pips

1PM: Gamer Ahmer’s Ultimate Nintendo Trivia

Do you have what it takes to become the Ultimate Nintendo Trivia Master? Two teams will compete head-to-head for a shot at winning a Nintendo Switch! Work together to answer a series of Nintendo Trivia Questions. This is a team effort! Everyone has a chance of winning! You won’t want to miss this event!

Panelist: Gamer Ahmer

2PM: Collecting 101 with the Immortal John Hancock

Come learn from one of the most expereinced retro video game collectors of all time! The Immortal John Hancock has ammased one amazing collection and will be here to answer questions and share his experiences with this amazing hobby.

Panelist: John Hancock

3PM: Garbage or Gold LIVE

Mort will select 3 random groups to select and then play a game live for 10 minutes and debate its merits: Is it GARBAGE or GOLD?
Panelist: Mort's Garage



4PM: Console Conflict

A video game quiz game show about video gaming knowledge, but with a twist. Hosted by Kevin Hicks, he'll test your brain muscles to see who can come out on top as the smartest gamer in all of Southeast Game Exchange!
Panelist: Game On Network



5PM: Inside SEGE

Want to know what it takes to put on the Southeast Game Exchange? Have any ideas to make it better? Come get a preview for next year's show and talk with the organizers.
Panelists: Austin and Julie Bell, Jennifer George, & Braden Foster

     Panel Room #2


12PM: Genesis DOES. (RPGs)
A misconception of Sega during the Console Wars of the 90s was that there were no Role-Playing Games (RPGs) on Sega's famous Blast Processing device: the Sega Genesis. Join G to The Next Level & Jay from Square Pegs as they take you on a cavalcade of Phantasy and adventure in a retrospective on RPGs that truly Shined on Sega consoles: from the well-known favorites to the obscure & overlooked. Just make to have enough Monomates with you!
Panelists: G to the Next Level & Square Pegs


1PM: My Retro Life Q&A - Gaming with Dad in the ‘90s
Join Tyler Esposito for a discussion on his YouTube channel “My Retro Life” followed by an exclusive sneak peak at upcoming content and Q&A.
: My Retro Life



2PM: Nintendo’s Believe It or Not!
A show and tell of Nintendo oddities featuring game hunters and collectors with a passion for all things Super Mario and Nintendo over the years.
Panelists: Retro Gaming Pandemic, RetroWolf88, & Gamecube Galaxy



3PM: Q&A with Quinton Flynn & George Newbern 
Join Quinton Flynn & George Newbern as they answer questions and discuss thier experiences voicing some of the most iconic video game characters in video game history!
Panelists: Quinton Flynn & George Newbern



4PM: Foundation Garments for Cosplay
Let’s take a deep dive into the garments that make up the foundation of your cosplay by author of Cosplay Foundations, Casey Renee Cosplay. Hoop skirts, petticoats and corsets OH my! There’s so much that goes into the silhouette of a costume and I am here to dish the tea. This panel focuses on undergarments for gowns, historical costumes, and even those pesky garments that are worn under armor.
Panelist: Casey Renee Cosplay


5PM: Cosplay Survival 101

New to conventions? New to cosplay? New to cosplaying at conventions? Have no fear! Our panel of experienced cosplayers can help you avoid all the potential problems you might run into, and make sure you hit the ground running!
Panelists: Your Friendly Neighborhood Superheroes & Upstate SC Cosplay

Sunday, July 16th 

Main Stage


12PM: Magic Show with Braden Foster
For over 10 years, Braden has entertained audiences from all over the world with his unique brand of magic. His quick wit and nerdy humor combined with his mind-blowing illusions make for an experience unlike any other! Braden also has a huge passion for retro game collecting. For SEGE he will be performing a unique show that combines magic and gaming! You won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind show!


1PM: Cosplay Contest

Get your best cosplay ready to show off in the SEGE Cosplay Contest! Show off your creativity and meet others that share the love of cosplay. The contest is open to all ages and is a family-friendly competition. Your costume can be homemade or store bought. Be sure to check out our website for our rules and guidelines for cosplay costumes!
Hosted by: Your Friendly Neighborhood Superheroes & Upstate SC Cosplay

Special Guest Judge: Casey Renee Cosplay


Live Wrestling

3PM: Smash IRL - Live Wrestling

Smash IRL is a live wrestling show coming to Southeast Game Exchange on Sunday, July 16th! Come watch pro wrestlers duke it out while cosplaying as some of your favorite video game characters. Our special guest 8-Bit Eric will also be joining the fray!
Presented by: Pro Wrestling TURBO

Special Guest Wrestler: 8-Bit Eric

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